Sep 28 2009

Is Your Boyfriend a Control Freak?

boyfriend 150x150 Is Your Boyfriend a Control Freak?

If you spend more time fighting to have an opinion, your boyfriend may be a control freak.

At some point, many girls will find themselves in a relationship with a control freak. It’s important to keep in mind that there are different levels of control. This means that in some situations, dating a control freak may be more clear than in other situations. Here are some of the different signs which may indicate that your boyfriend is a control freak.

Control Over Appearance

If your boyfriend has any say in the way that you look, it is important to keep in mind that this is a sign of being a control freak. Boyfriends who tell their girlfriends how to wear their hair, makeup, and clothes can be very controlling. Clothing can be a fairly difficult situation to analyze. If your guy is dating you, then he should be acceptable to what you wear. However, it is important to be realistic. If you really are wearing something that is completely inappropriate for the situation, he may not be entirely controlling. Use your best judgment when trying to determine this. Control freak boyfriends are also often very critical over their girlfriends’ weight. If your boyfriend says that he doesn’t want you to gain any weight or lose any weight, this is a problem. Also keep in mind that in terms of appearance, some men are not very smart about what not to say. Determine if he is offering his opinion, or if he is saying that your relationship may come to an end if you do not obey his orders.

Control Over Socialization

No girl should ever listen to their boyfriend if he tries to tell her to cut off contact with friends or, worse yet, family. It may not seem entirely obvious to you at the time, but if you begin to notice that you have met your boyfriend’s family and friends, despite the fact that he is unwilling to meet yours, this can be a problem. If you feel that your boyfriend is being ridiculous and unrealistic by saying that you should not speak to a certain person or people, it is a good idea to analyze the situation. Control freaks often want to keep their girlfriends entirely to themselves. Also keep in mind that your boyfriend may tell you not to go out, may have a time that he requires you to be home by, or may not allow you to be out with only guys if he is a control freak.

It is important to keep in mind that these are just two areas in which control freak boyfriends may have a lot of say over. However, it is important to keep in mind that those who are control freaks can be controlling over just about any situation. If you feel as though your boyfriend is constantly telling you what to do and not paying attention to how you feel, just know that he is probably a control freak. Also know that it may seem harmless to have a control freak boyfriend now, but this can lead to a relationship that is either emotionally or physically abusive. Remember that men aren’t the only ones who can be control freaks, as well. Many women are known to have a great deal of control over their boyfriends, and can also be abusers.

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