Aug 17 2009

The Five Scariest Animals On Earth

pdtiger 150x150 The Five Scariest Animals On EarthAnimals are no different from us humans in they way that they survive. They hunt, and gather food in any way they can. We do the same. Scary animals are those that consider us a food source. Though the vast majority of animals do not look upon us as food, there are some animals on earth that do, on occasion, eat humans. Here are the five scariest animals that meet that criteria:

5. The Bear - Perhaps no other North American land animal scares us like the grizzly bears and black bears of the Country. We are constantly bombarded with tales of killer grizzlies and other bear related horror stories. The truth is, bears are not generally interested in us as food. They want to be left alone, and the trouble starts when we begin feeding them. In spite of this fact, bears do kill and eat people. It happens, and that is scary enough for their inclusion on this list of scary animals.

4. The Tiger – The tiger is one of the few animals that actually will hunt humans as a food source.  Though we were not originally on the menu, we have put ourselves there by eliminating their natural food sources.  In certain places in the world, the tiger hunts, kills, and eats human beings when they get the chance.  That is a scary animal for sure!
pdlion 150x150 The Five Scariest Animals On Earth

3. The Lion – Once again, we are looking at an animal that has adjusted to the hand dealt to them by society.  The lion does not want to waste time eating a puny human when they could have a huge buffalo instead.  Still, when there is no buffalo to hunt, people begin to look more appetizing.  Lions will kill and eat you if the situation is right.  Scary animal?  You bet.

2. The Shark - The shark is an interesting entry onto this list.  They do not see humans as a natural food source, but that is because we are not natural in the water.  Most sharks, including the great white and the tiger shark, are attacking us because they think we are seals, or other common food sources.  Still, the sharks of the world do kill and eat us, and are therefore scary to a great many people.
1. The Saltwater Crocodile - Now the saltwater crocodile is at number one for one reason.  They view every mammal as a food source, and that includes people.  This means that if we go in the water where there are salt water crocodiles, we are likely to be eaten.  We are food to them, period.  That makes the salt water crocodile the scariest animal on earth to me.

pdsaltwater The Five Scariest Animals On Earth

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